Drone Media Net

 Drone Media Net

A new potential revenue stream for drone pilots, and opportunity for new business.

We have created a new website at https://www.drone-media.net 

The purpose of the website is to promote aerial video media to TV Production Companies, and commercial customers, to provide drone pilots with a new revenue stream. 

2020/2021 has been a difficult time for TV companies, social distancing makes filming challenging, so Drone Media Net promotes existing high quality video and aerial media to TV producer clients registered on our database. Video materials may be used in TV programs and TV commercials. 

In the event that local Drone Pilot / company service providers do not have suitable media, then registered Drone Pilots will be contacted to shoot new content. 

If you are a drone pilot with existing high quality aerial video media suitable for TV, you can post examples of your work on the FaceBook group for free. Videos on our website will be for registered pilots only; these videos will be promoted by us.

For further information and registration, please visit https://www.drone-media.net/p/register-as-drone-pilot.html 

TV Quality Drone Video

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